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Proper input validation in 4 steps

31 Dec 2021

Proper validation of external (or user) input is one of the basics of building a secure application. By following 4 basic steps you can easily add proper input validation to your applications.

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Application logging for security purposes

13 Apr 2020

Application logs can play a major role in the security of an application. Logging the right events with the right details can give you the ability to proactively detect suspicious activity or find

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Improve performance with Http caching

06 May 2019

A good implementation of Http caching can give your web application a serious performance boost, knowing how to do this is essential in preventing complications with updating your website.

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Implementing Content Security Policy for your website

02 Feb 2019

By adding proper CSP rules to your website you can reduce a great number of possible security vulnerabilities. Implementation can be made easier, safer and more controlled by following certain steps.

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From Dev to DevOps with better monitoring

15 Jun 2018

How do you get development teams to add ops to their daily routine? The right use of monitoring tooling can be a big help here.

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Background processing for websites with Task Scheduler

17 Sep 2017

For on-premise background tasks for your website a Console App in combination with Windows Task Scheduler is often a better choice than a Windows Service.

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The truth about IIS and ASP.NET custom error pages

19 Feb 2017

Good error pages can reduces customer complaints in case of problems on your site, but how to choose the best technique to display those pages? Both ASP.NET and IIS over options to display error

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To WWW or not to WWW?

07 Jan 2017

Use WWW in your domainname? A discussion of the pros en cons of of using WWW in your domainname to help you make the right choice for your site.

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Google AMP project

17 Feb 2016

Looking for faster mobile web pages with improved sharing experience and better SEO ranking? Have a look at Google's AMP project.

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